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About Me:

            Kathy Elliott is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly and a Registered Medium. She is the former President of the Mediums’ League Board and resides in the community of Lily Dale.

            Kathy started her journey working with mediumship in the mid-1980’s. Although she had been naturally gifted since childhood with intuitive and mediumistic experiences, it was not until after she had her family that she began to develop and fine tune her skills.  This was in addition to the studies she completed in Human Services at Kent State University.

           She is a member of Fellowships of the Spirit Church, where she received part of her training and was ordained. She now enjoys mentoring for the Fellowships of the Spirit two year program of Prophecy and Healing.  In addition to private readings all year, she also enjoys working in the Healing Temple in the summer season.

           Kathy considers this work to be part of her spiritual journey and connection with the Divine.  She finds that working directly with Spirit and people’s loved ones, provides an outlet for service and healing for the client. 

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