To Make an appointment                please call:





      Appointments can be made for in person sessions or phone sessions.


      I do record all in person sessions to cd. That is my gift to you as the client.

      If you are doing a phone session you must ask for a recording. 


      It is not neccesary to pay in advance for your session unless you are a

      phone client. Appointments will be set after I recieve your money order

      or PayPal payment. You may click on the link below to use a credit card                                       through PayPal.



      Session are either 30 or 60 minutes in length. 

      I only read one person per session. It is much easier for me to concentrate

      on your energy without distraction.







    30 Minute  in person or phone session including a 

CD Recording which is

my gift to you as the client.




    60 Minute  in person or phone session including a CD recording which is

my gift to you as the client.