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       I consider mediumship to be part of my personal journey of service to Spirit. I feel that it is part of my foundation in this lifetime, and has brought peace and healing to my life which is what I try to provide for my clients.

       My thought process is that mediumship should provide evidence that your loved ones are well in Spirit, and that the relationship continues. They try to communicate and help you on your journey as they are growing themselves. All of us are in a state of personal evolution and your loved ones recognize this. Keep in mind that just because they are in spirit does not mean they are totally evolved and all-knowing. If they could not handle their finances while in the living, they will not be coming through to give you advice on money from spirit. However, they will still come through with personality to send you love and support. 

       Having a personal relationship with your creator allows you a foundation to move through issues in your life with support.  I work with my clients to identify where they are on their life’s path.  With that identified, you can stay more easily in the moment, rather than filled with anxiety of not knowing what comes next.

       At the end of a reading, I want my clients to feel as though they have gained insight into their purpose and their spiritual pathway. It is meant to be an uplifting and healing experience. I want you to walk away with the feeling of love, empowerment, trust in the divine and the process of mediumship. I want clients to believe in their own intuitive abilities, and recognize how they can communicate with their loved ones every day.   

​  Rev.Kathy Elliott

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